Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Finally moving onto my FMP. Had my eureka moment on what to do. I am creating a book/film about my family life and the surround area of Longbridge. I intend to document every day life on my daily travels.

I dont want any of these photos staged, quick snapshots of things i find interesting.

Here are some double page spreads that i have started, these aren't final as i still have markers to add etc.

As this project is very heavily photography based I have started a collection to try and get as many different cameras as i can.
Trying to use a lot of film photography in this project.

These are some of the cameras i bought, Lomography digitals with expired film in them.
The photos are currently being developed, so i will post some of the outcomes when i get them.

Sunday, 14 March 2010


Idea was to create a "perfect" magazine that we would like to produce. As i'd recently went on an urban exploration i decided to put some of the photos to good use and create a sort of photography book/guide.

This is the style guide created. Its made in a way that i could give this styleguide to someone and they could create the magazine for me? if thats the right way of putting it?


This is a brief set to make a theoretical record company. We hadto create a name and logo and then a style guide displaying 3 album covers.
Indie, Hip hop and Dance.

Here is the brief style guide I created for heinous records.

Thursday, 4 February 2010


Went out and did a spot of urban exploring in my 2 hour break at college, took some photos on a shit digicam so the quality isnt the best. I had a go at doing some editing on the photos and some of them have turned out really nice. So im thinking about making myself a cool little zine.


New brief for photography based on the word homage. Basically we need to go out and photograph something that we pay homage to and portray time in the photos.

I chose industry, so for starters i went and took some photos local to me at the rover factory. These were just initial ideas, I intend to go back out with a half decent camera next time and get the snaps that i need.